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Our Mission

We are a Grassroots Movement committed to helping Parents, Students, Educators and Policy Makers make informed evidence based decisions about dyslexia. We provide support, share resources and advocate on behalf of Students with and Families with Dyslexia in Texas.

Warning Signs 
  • Struggles to link letters to sounds

  • Struggles to sound out words,

  • Slow, Inacurate and or Skips or Replaces words when reading

  • Seems to avoid reading.

  • Spelling is a challenge and writing can be illegible.

  • The Child IS NOT meeting age appropriate milestones in reading or spelling. 

What Is Dyslexia

Dyslexia is an unexpected difficulty learning to read. Dyslexics are at or above intelligence compared to typically reading peers, so why do they struggle with reading and spelling and for some writing? Dr Kelli Sandman Hurley's Video "What is Dyslexia" is a good place to start

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Join Us as we work on Big Change!

Understand the Difference Between a 504 Plan and IDEA 

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 Steps To Take Now To Work With Your School

Make All Requests in Writing 

  1. In Writing Request a Full Individual Evaluation for Dyslexia (SLD - Reading) and any areas of difficulty example Writing or attention Under IDEA - Specifically List Warning Signs You See.

  2. Ask Your School and School Board what interventions they use for Dyslexia 

  3. Do Not Accept Any Wait and See Replies to Postpone your request - Early Intervention is Critical -  Dyslexia Can Be Identified and served in Kindergarten 

  4. Become Informed - Websites like are filled with info to help

Links and Resources to Help

Screening/ Diagnosing

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